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NEST Thermostat Functioning Well after Wiring Change

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16th March

NEST Thermostat Functioning Well after Wiring Change:

Over a month on since I changed my NEST v1 thermostat wiring to include the “C” or 24Vac Common wire, it is working flawlessly again. We have had several cycles of cold (-20C) and warm (+8C) and there have been no problems with charge levels, network communication or connectivity.

I wonder why NEST does not strongly recommend the use of the “C” wire when it is so simple to install? BTW, if you are looking for a wiring diagram of your furnace and controller, check the back side of the access panel (Doh!!) on the furnace; it should be there.

I have e found a couple of very useful links for anyone in a similar situation and seeking a solution:

Adding a C wire to a Thermostat


Shaun M

Nest thermostat battery charging problem and solution

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7th February

Nest thermostat battery charging problem and solution

My NEST (Generation 1) had been working flawlessly for several months, both summer and winter (heating and cooling) until about January 23rd, 2013 or so. Then it began to struggle with recharging, had network dropouts, disconnects, and began to insert Delay Times (apparently randomly, and up to 2 minutes in duration) into the heating cycle. I recharged the NEST using the USB interface a couple of times, only to find that it would run down within 8 or 10 hours and never recharge. With -25c temperatures for days on end, the last thing you want are strange delays and the resultant furnace cycle down/up and an unreliable thermostat. In fact one day with -40c windchill, the furnace would run for about 10 minutes and then cycle off as NEST inserted a Delay Time for … Read More »

GPS Clock Data Reset

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5th January

GPS Clock Data Reset: I rebuilt the equipment rack that holds my network gear, HPZ3801A GPS Disciplined Clocks and the Zotac micro PC’s that run the associated software. The result is that there have been several interruptions to the data stream which I upload and display here. So I reset the log files, and restarted the logging from zero. The good news is that all the critical equipment now has UPS backup, so in addition to delivering clean power to the devices, short interruptions in the mains will not cause the clocks to reset.

Flickr Christmas Gift

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22nd December

For anyone who may be a Flickr Pro user, Flickr is giving a three-month extension to Pro accounts. When you sign in, you will be presented with a window to click through and accept the gift.

Merry Christmas!

Shaun Merrigan

NEST Thermostat Update

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21st December

NEST Thermostat Update

From November 30 to December 12 we had no wired internet connection. Therefore the NEST thermostat could not connect to via our network. I found I had to turn off the NEST’s network connection so that it would not run down its internal battery constantly trying to connect to a non-existent network (Note: to the NEST team; this should be addressed). At no time did I ever lose local control, however. The NEST simply behaved like a typical sophisticated programmable thermostat. We have been experiencing one of the coldest winters in the last few years, so I can readily appreciate the very useful features of the NEST such as: tweaking the temperature from my iPad, making schedule adjustments via the iPad and viewing our energy usage.

Internet Connectivity Restored

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19th December

Internet Connectivity Restored: Our Internet connectivity has been fully restored. After a couple of hiccups scheduling the installation, and some effort required to reconfigure my new DSL modem, I am reconnected and back online. We now have a VDSL 25Mbps down / 2Mbps up connection with no caps. In fact, I am getting 24.5Mbps down and 2.6Mbps up consistently. Streaming video, gaming, etc are easily handled with this speed. My NEST thermostat is connected to again, and my weather station is fully back online, as are my GPS Disciplined Clocks. Photography updates will follow.

Internet Connectivity Update

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30th November

Internet Connectivity Update: iPad saves the day

Due to the hot economy hereabouts (cannot schedule the technicians), my DSL upgrade has been delayed somewhat. But I had to terminate my existing DSL service in order to obtain an activation date, thus I have no high speed internet. However I can used my iPad as a roving USB connected hotspot (no bluetooth or wireless, thanks) in order to edit, update, get mail, etc. It is a kludge, but a secure and stable one until my 25/2 DSL is activated.

My internal home gigabit wired network remains fully operational, of course, so everyone is happy talking to each other and various devices; they just have no outside connection.

Internet Connectivity Issues Update

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28th November

Update to my ongoing Internet Connectivity Issues:

My ancient Zoom X4 DSL modem finally packed it in. I could not stand the connection dropping anymore, so I reconfigured my new ISP’s VDSL modem to work with my current (6MBps) connection. Naturally it is working fine.

This connection is due to terminate tomorrow and my new 25/2 connection will be activated. (Of course I saved the modem configuration, why do you ask?)

So with a bit of luck, I will be back on Friday.

Internet Connectivity Issues

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18th November

I am currently in the process of resolving internet connectivity issues that I am experiencing.

I am also taking this opportunity to switch ISP’s because my current ISP does not offer any residential ASDL beyond 6Mbps. I am switching to Teksavvy and trying their high speed (25Mbps) ASDL plan. Of course this means a new modem and a line speed change which will solve the connectivity issues too. I am about 800 meters or so from the CO, and should have no problem with 25Mbps ADSL.

What this means is that some of my pages (Weather Station, Cams, Clocks) may not be updated as frequently as expected.

I will update this blog as I work through the process.

Shaun M.

IE9 Problems IE10 Joy

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16th November

IE9 Problems IE10 Joy

I was experiencing the dreaded blank page problem with IE9: at some point during the day, newly opened pages appear blank. There is no solution but rebooting the machine, and nobody knows why. (I have tried all the posted solutions short of reinstalling Windows 7).

The good news is that whatever the problem was, installing the IE10 preview has solved it. No blank pages, crashes, hangs, or issues. I had nothing to lose because the “blank page” problem had apparently infected IE9 64 bit, which I had previously thought to be immune.

To my surprise and delight, 1Password is working fine in IE10, and I have turned off all the third party tracking cookies too.

I should make here a general comment about Windows 7. I am running Win 7 Ultimate … Read More »