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Weather Underground keeps Webcams

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15th December

Weather Underground keeps Webcams

The Weather Underground PWS Network is a huge network of over 250,000 so called “backyard” or personal weather stations in North America and around the world.  From the Weather Underground PWS page:

“Weather Underground is a global community of people connecting data from environmental sensors like weather stations and air quality monitors so we can provide the rich, hyperlocal data you need to power your passions. The future of weather is personal, hyperlocal, and smarter than you think. Join our global community and contribute to the future of forecasting. 

Our network of sensors means more data. More data means better forecasts when it matters most. While everyone benefits from better data, sensor owners enjoy:

Precision: Get weather conditions for your exact location (not your neighbor’s or at the airport)
Visualization: See comprehensive dashboards and graphs of your station data
Historical: Archive your … Read More »

Ebay IC Tester Instructions

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2nd December

Ebay IC Tester Instructions

The ubiquitous IC/Component tester found on Ebay usually comes without any instructions or documentation:
















The unit I purchased came with a one page, 2-sided photocopy instruction sheet, so I thought I would share it here:



As far as I can tell, this unit will identify and test the following:

Common linear and logic IC’s
Some transistors; seems to be limited to bipolar
Zener Diodes

It does not appear to identify:

Three terminal regulators


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Shaun M