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YouTube Stops Working on older iPad

Posted by Shaun Merrigan in Tech, Troubleshooting. Comments Off on YouTube Stops Working on older iPad

10th February

I have an older iPad Mini2 (Model A1489) running iPadOS 12.5.7. For the past year or so the YouTube app has been constantly asking me to update as follows:

YouTube is out of date (popup):

Update to continue

Click to Update

Cannot Update


Continue using YouTube app

By cancelling, I have been able to continue running the YouTube app and ignore the update prompt. However, last week, I could not bypass the update prompt:

Update to continue

Click to update

Cannot update, download older version?

Cannot download older version

No option to cancel, so GOTO 1

The update prompt stated that iOS 14 or newer was needed to install the new YouTube app, but since my older Mini2 is fixed on 12.5.7, I could never do the update. The YouTube app was stuck in the update loop, so I could not use it.

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