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Fallout 4 Vacuum tubes and Nixie tubes

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8th February

Fallout 4 Vacuum tubes and Nixie tubes

I have been working my way through Fallout 4 and during my explorations I noticed that the labs and military installations are loaded with vintage vacuum tube equipment.  I thought I recognized the front panel of at least one piece of gear:

Front Panel render from Fallout 4 (Bethesda Softworks):


 Now compare this image with the front panel of the Racal RA-17:

The resemblance of the Fallout 4 render to the real Racal RA17 is striking.  This Racal-like front panel appears in nearly every lab and/or military installation that I have explored.

Another rack of equipment very frequently seen in labs and military installations is this one:


Fallout 4 Equipment Rack (Bethesda Softworks

This image clearly shows:

A nixie tube display (round tubes like the Burroughs 5092)
Twin green phosphor CRT displays
Several analogue meters
A row of … Read More »