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Tektronix Scope-Mobile Cart Repair Part 3

Posted on May 7th, by Shaun Merrigan in Electronics, Oscilloscopes. Comments Off on Tektronix Scope-Mobile Cart Repair Part 3

Tektronix Scope-Mobile Cart Repair Part 3


Part 1

Part 2 

This is the conclusion to my repair of a Tektronix 202-2 Scope-Mobile Cart.  Recall that the problem was three fractured trunnion mount bosses which rendered the cart useless (and unsafe) under load.  My proposed solution was to place the bosses into compression by putting a 6mm countersunk bolt through the trunnion mount concentric with the existing hole in the boss.  By using appropriate sized washers between the top of the boss and the frame member I ensure that the boss is placed into compression and the frame member is securely clamped.  This avoids the tensile loading which fractured the bosses initially.


Trunnion to member closeup with new bolt and washers in place

The holes in the trunnion mount were countersunk to fit the flat head socket bolts:

Countersunk Hole for new bolt


6mm countersunk socket bolt installed in trunnion mount


Clamping the Frame Members


Securely clamping the frame members and compressing the boss


6mm socket head bolts test fit

The cart was reassembled with the repaired trunnion mounts:

Repaired Trunnion Mount showing flat head socket bolts and Tek medallion plug

Felt lining was added to the plug in storage compartment:

Felt Liner for plug in storage


Tektronix 7000 Series Plug in Storage in the refurbished cart

Finally, the cart was loaded up for testing:

Cart loaded with Tektronix gear

This completes the repair of the Tektronix 202-2 mobile cart.  I hope this information is useful in repairing similarly damaged carts.

Thanks for following along.

Shaun M.

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