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Tektronix TM500 Module Holder

Posted on June 28th, by Shaun Merrigan in 3D Printing, Electronics, Restoration, Tech. Comments Off on Tektronix TM500 Module Holder

I have previously written about the substantial number of different modules available for the Tektronix TM500 and TM5000 module plug-in systems. Since the equipment is now anywhere from 20 – 40 years old it needs to be refreshed and/or repaired before going back into service. This often means working on the modules while they are not installed in the power frame:

TM500 Extender Overview: Connects between module and power frame.
TM500 Extender Overview: Connects between module and power frame.
Dan Meeks Extender Closeup. This extender allows monitoring of all supply voltages and currents. It also has LED indicators for each voltage rail.
Extender Plugged into Power Frame
Extender Plugged into module. This allows working on the module outside of the power frame.

From the image above, the extender board projects beyond the edges of the plug-in. This means that the plug in is suspended by the extender on one end. This results in stress on the extender and tilting of the module faceplate. However, by using a module holder, the module is no longer suspended by the extender card at one end. Additionally, the modified holder allows the module to be placed on its side and above the bench surface.

TM500 Module Holder (Modified) and Extender Connected
TM500 Module Holder and Extender Connected Showing Clearance to Benchtop
TM500 Module Holder Lengthwise Overview
TM500 Module Holder Printed Upper and Lower Sections

I found this TM500 Module Holder on Thingiverse . I printed it using 3D Fuel Workday Blue PLA on normal print settings using a Snapmaker A250. With a bit of deburring the two pieces assemble and disassemble properly. Realizing that the holder would not allow the module to sit flat on the bench while on its side, I have added rubber feet to each side.

TM500 Module Holder Modified: Rubber Feet in Place

Now the module sits flat and stably on the bench while allowing full access to both sides.

TM500 Module Holder and Extender with Module on its Side Overview

Since TM5000 modules are the same physical dimensions as TM500 modules, the Module Holder works with them as well. This TM500 Module Holder has proven to be especially useful in the lab when troubleshooting and repairing TM500/5000 plug-ins.

Thanks for reading.

Shaun Merrigan

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