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Tektronix Type 114 Pulse Generator Update

Posted on June 16th, by Shaun Merrigan in Electronics, Restoration, Test Equipment. Comments Off on Tektronix Type 114 Pulse Generator Update

This is an update to my previous post documenting my restoration/repair of two Tektronix Type 114 Pulse Generators. As of this writing I have completed some cosmetic work on the cabinets, front panels and carrying handles of both units. This includes cleaning and painting the cases, cleaning the front panels, knobs, BNC connectors and replacing the missing handle inserts.

Tektronix 114 Handle Insert Bottom Section Missing
Tektronix 114 Handle Insert New Aluminum Base Plates and OEM Example
Tektronix 114 Replacement Inserts and Tolex
Tektronix 114 Replacement Handle Insert and Tolex in place
Tektronix Type 114 Refinished Cabinet and Front Panel
Tektronix 114 Front Panel Cosmetics Completed

I have implemented a Maintenance and Inventory system which includes an equipment label with QR code. The code includes the Equipment Name, Serial Number, Instrument ID Number, and a summary of the latest service work completed on the unit. I find this extremely helpful in keeping track of the service status of all my vintage test gear, as a reference when servicing similar equipment and for inventory management.

Tektronix 114 My Lab QR Maintenance and Inventory Code

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