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IE9 Problems IE10 Joy

Posted on November 16th, by Shaun Merrigan in News, Tech. Comments Off on IE9 Problems IE10 Joy

IE9 Problems IE10 Joy

I was experiencing the dreaded blank page problem with IE9: at some point during the day, newly opened pages appear blank. There is no solution but rebooting the machine, and nobody knows why. (I have tried all the posted solutions short of reinstalling Windows 7).

The good news is that whatever the problem was, installing the IE10 preview has solved it. No blank pages, crashes, hangs, or issues. I had nothing to lose because the “blank page” problem had apparently infected IE9 64 bit, which I had previously thought to be immune.

To my surprise and delight, 1Password is working fine in IE10, and I have turned off all the third party tracking cookies too.

I should make here a general comment about Windows 7. I am running Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit, on a “daily workhorse” machine that is 45% (to 4.8 Ghz) overclocked and water-cooled. This is a daily use machine that I expect to hold up without a problem for days, weeks and months. Since I dialed in my settings, I have been absolutely stable at 4.8 Ghz (3.2 Ghz is the stock clock for this CPU). My conclusion is that I am sticking with Windows 7. Other than IE (which is apparently solved now) this is a robust and stable platform.

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