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Internet Connectivity Issues

Posted on November 18th, by Shaun Merrigan in News, Site Updates, Tech. Comments Off on Internet Connectivity Issues

I am currently in the process of resolving internet connectivity issues that I am experiencing.

I am also taking this opportunity to switch ISP’s because my current ISP does not offer any residential ASDL beyond 6Mbps. I am switching to Teksavvy and trying their high speed (25Mbps) ASDL plan. Of course this means a new modem and a line speed change which will solve the connectivity issues too. I am about 800 meters or so from the CO, and should have no problem with 25Mbps ADSL.

What this means is that some of my pages (Weather Station, Cams, Clocks) may not be updated as frequently as expected.

I will update this blog as I work through the process.

Shaun M.

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