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NEST Thermostat

Posted on June 24th, by Shaun Merrigan in News. Comments Off on NEST Thermostat

Further updates on my experiences with the NEST thermostat:

Although it is possible to enter a Canadian Postal Code using the NEST itself, I found that I could only change the geographic location ( City, Province) using the WEB app. The geographic location could not be changed using the iOS NEST app either, as that option is not made available. Having said all of that, once I made the changes using the WEB app, the proper location appeared on my NEST thermostat.

Had a problem earlier in the week with the NEST dropping my wifi connection and the battery not recharging. I did two things which solved the problem: first I reconnected all of the thermostat wires by pulling them out of the base plate (while pressing the release) and then pushing them back (not touching the release) to make sure that they were mechanically secure at the NEST end. Then I did the same thing at the furnace control board: reseat the thermostat wires and make sure they are were secure. The next thing I did was turn on SSID broadcast on my router. This has zero effect on the security of my network (WPA/WPA2), and it solved both the network dropping problem and the battery charging problem. My understanding is that if NEST has trouble connecting to the Internet via my home network, it will run the battery down over the period of a day or so, and then stop trying so that local temperature control is maintained. However, I have had no problems for several days, since I implemented the above solutions. As well, the battery voltage has been maintained at 3.83vdc or more continuously. Coincidentally, turning on my router’s SSID broadcast also solved a connection problem I was having with my Harmony Link remote control.

Auto-away is learning our away/home routines, and the automatically scheduling is working as well. I have to say that I am quite please with the NEST thus far. The ability to remotely monitor and adjust temperatures at home is very cool.

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