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Tektronix CG5001/CG5011 Pulse Rise Time Measurement

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25th September

Tektronix CG5001/CG5011 Pulse Rise Time Measurement

I wanted to measure the rise time of the normal and fast edge pulses in a new acquired Tektronix CG5011 calibration generator.  The equipment line is as follows:

Tektronix TM5006 mainframe

Tektronix CG5011 Calibration Generator

Tektronix CG5001 Calibration Generator

Tektronix/Tegam 015-0611-01 Pulse Head

HP 83480A Communications Analyzer

HP 83483A Electrical Sampling Module (20GHz)

Background:  The original 015-0311-00/01 pulse head was used in combination with the CG551AP and CG5001 calibration generators. The 015-0611-00/01 pulse head is the later version  used on the CG5010 and CG5011 calibration generators.   The primary differences between the later 0611 and earlier 0311 are:

The 0611 has faster edge rise time of <150 ps or < 160 ps for the Tegam version
The 0311 has slower edge rise time  of <200 ps
The 0611 is larger (taller) than the 0311
The 0611 made by Tegam has an SMA output connector
The 611 made by … Read More »