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Tektronix TM500 Power Frame Tester

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25th June

The Tektronix TM50n is an “n”bay (where n = 1 to 6, the number of bays) power frame which can host and power TM500 plug-ins. It was available in 1 through 6 bay versions and was the predecessor to the TM5000 power frame: See my post here about the TM5000 power frames. Tektronix themselves had dozens of plug-ins available which comprised power supplies, signal generators, oscilloscopes, multimeters, test oscillators, calibrators, attenuators, filters, logic analyzers, frequency counters, audio analyzers and more. It is important to note that while TM500 plug-ins can be used in the TM5000 power frame, the inverse is not true: TM5000 plug-ins cannot be used in a TM500 power frame.

Part of the repair/refresh process of any TM500 power frame requires the use of a Power Module Tester which (in conjunction with some basic test equipment … Read More »