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Internet Connectivity Restored

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19th December

Internet Connectivity Restored: Our Internet connectivity has been fully restored. After a couple of hiccups scheduling the installation, and some effort required to reconfigure my new DSL modem, I am reconnected and back online. We now have a VDSL 25Mbps down / 2Mbps up connection with no caps. In fact, I am getting 24.5Mbps down and 2.6Mbps up consistently. Streaming video, gaming, etc are easily handled with this speed. My NEST thermostat is connected to again, and my weather station is fully back online, as are my GPS Disciplined Clocks. Photography updates will follow.

Weather Station Tweaks and Updates

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24th June

I have completed several updates and tweaks to my Kildare Neighborhood Back Yard Weather Station:

Cumulus Software updated to v 1.9.3; most of the changes are under the hood.
Gauge Display page tweaked to a tidy 3×3 layout; this looks much better.
Web Cam repositioned for a better sky view and color images.

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