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Apple IIe Power Supply Rebuild

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2nd September

The Apple IIe personal computer was manufactured from January 1983 through November 1993. I purchased an Apple IIe several years ago and put it into storage at the time. I recently pulled it out from storage and began the process of refurbishing it. Part of that process was rebuilding the power supply, which I will describe here.

The power supply appeared to be original to the computer with a date code of 47th week, 1985.

Apple II PCB Removed from case. Original capacitors in place. Build Date 47th week, 1985.

Examining the circuit board showed that the electrolytic capacitors were superior quality United Chemi-con.

Original Capacitors in place, output side.

By contrast, the line filter capacitor was a RIFA film capacitor of a type known to fail. Cracks were clearly visible in the outer case of the … Read More »