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Ebay IC Tester Instructions Update

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14th November

Ebay IC Tester Instructions Update: Several years ago I posted the instruction and datasheets that came with the ubiquitous, generic Ebay IC Tester. These can be found here.

This post updates the original datasheet with new information: The datasheet with the tester indicates that 5v is the upper limit for zener diode testing, but recently tomtektest discovered that the unit can test zener diodes up to about 50v reliably. I dug into my parts bins and confirmed his finding using a range of zener diodes up to 48v. This is welcome information as it gives the tester additional usefulness in testing a much larger range of zener diodes.

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Shaun Merrigan

Ebay IC Tester Instructions

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2nd December

Ebay IC Tester Instructions

The ubiquitous IC/Component tester found on Ebay usually comes without any instructions or documentation:
















The unit I purchased came with a one page, 2-sided photocopy instruction sheet, so I thought I would share it here:



As far as I can tell, this unit will identify and test the following:

Common linear and logic IC’s
Some transistors; seems to be limited to bipolar
Zener Diodes

It does not appear to identify:

Three terminal regulators


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Shaun M