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Tektronix TM5006 Power Frame Refresh

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17th June

The Tektronix TM5006 is a 6-Bay power frame which can host and power either TM5000 or TM500 plug-ins .

Tektronix themselves had about 130 different plug-ins available which comprised power supplies, signal generators, oscilloscopes, multimeters, test oscillators, calibrators, attenuators, filters, logic analyzers, frequency counters, audio analyzers and more. In addition, numerous third parties made plug-ins for the system. The total number of different plug-ins numbered at least 200. The system was introduced in 1972 and was available in some form through at least 1995. The system is remarkably interesting from a technology standpoint because it encompasses the move from discrete transistor circuitry in early equipment, evolving through microprocessor-controlled units in later equipment. The more modern TM5000 equipment also had network interface (GPIB) capability for control and data acquisition.

In terms of cost, a basic … Read More »

HP 3245A Capacitor Replacement

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4th January

The HP3245A Universal Source (datasheet is copyright HP/Agilent) is a precision AC/DC voltage and current source that can provide a wide range of precise and repeatable voltages and currents up to +-100vdc and 100mA dc. It can also provide sine, square and arbitrary waveforms up to 1Mhz and 200vpp. Such an instrument is extremely useful in the lab for calibrating meters, driving current and voltage amplifiers and checking equipment. The particular units I have were built in 1992/1993 which means the electrolytic capacitors are approaching 30 years of age. I had decided to replace the RIFA line filter capacitors in (documented here) both my units and performed routine power rail voltage and ripple checking as part of that. For example:

+5.0840 4.4mv+15.194 30mV+18.625 29mV-18.691 28mV

The other power rails and HV Amp power supply also measured good, using an … Read More »

RIFA Safety Capacitor Replacement in HP Gear

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3rd January

The post discusses the condition of RIFA Y Safety capacitors, which were prone to failure due to a cracked outer case. The issues were reportedly resolved after Kemet acquired RIFA in 2007. However, flawed capacitors remain in equipment older than 2007. The author has replaced many such capacitors in various older equipment, improving their safety and functionality.

RIFA Safety Capacitor Failures

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13th November

RIFA Safety Capacitor Failures have been documented by many of us who restore and maintain vintage electronics equipment. One very spectacular failure was caught live here: courtesy Dave Jones of the EEVBLOG. These capacitors were widely used in test equipment manufactured during the late 1980’s through the 1990’s. The consensus is that the capacitors fail because the outer case (presumed to be a type of epoxy) develops cracks which allows moisture to penetrate the body of the capacitor. This leads to internal short circuits which cause the capacitor to fail catastrophically. Because these capacitors are line to ground, they could see line voltage whenever a piece of equipment is plugged in, even when switched off. The crack network can develop to the point where large pieces of the outer case spall off, exposing areas of … Read More »