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NEST Thermostat Network Isolation

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6th February

NEST Thermostat Network Isolation

With the proliferation of IoT (Internet of Things) objects such as smart thermostats, sensors of all kings, video cameras, video doorbells, light bulbs, media hubs and the like it comes as no surprise that security problems are cropping up.  These IoT devices are proving to be a door through which malicious software can gain direct access to your home network behind your router.  An excellent summary of the potential security problems with IoT devices can be found here InfoSec Resources Iot Security Summary.   The takeaway is that these devices are vulnerable, and attackers can use them to penetrate your home network.  Once an attacker gains access to the network behind your router, they have the “keys to the kingdom”.  What is the solution?  As usual with home network security, there are several solutions ranging from relatively … Read More »