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HP 70001A Power Supply Refresh

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17th November

I have recently begun to restore several pieces of Hewlett Packard 70000 Series MMS (Modular Measurement System) equipment. The basic component of the system is a power and/or display frame which can house various test equipment modules. This post documents my restoration of the HP 70001A Power Supply.

The Hewlett Packard 70000 MMS is a high-performance, modular measurement system for RF, microwave, and Lightwave measurements. The MMS instruments include spectrum analyzers, signal generators, power meters, DMM, digital oscilloscope, counter, and more. The system is assembled by inserting the appropriate modules into a mainframe (which supplies power, cooling, and communication) along with a display.

Historically, the 70000 MMS system was introduced in 1986 and continued to be available through at least 2001 (based on HP/Agilent catalogs). The latest prices (1993) I could find for a couple of representative HP 70000 systems follows (all … Read More »