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Sonos: Music library not found fix

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2nd January

Sonos: Music library not found fix

I have a wired Sonos system and a central media server (WHS 2011) which hosts all my media content .  Prior to  the latest Sonos update (v5.2), I had no problems accessing my music which is hosted on the server via any connected Sonos controller on either PC’s or iPads.  Post v5.2, however I lost access to the music library.  I tried:

Deleting the shared music folder and re-adding it from different controllers
Modifying the shared music folder permissions on the server
Confirming that SONOS was added as a user on the server
Installing the Sonos controller on the server (!!) and adding the shared directly from the server

All of the above attempts failed with the same error:  The computer “server123” cannot be found.  What is important here is that all my other music sharing services (iTunes, Windows Media Player, … Read More »