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Tektronix DSA602A Digitizing Signal Analyzer

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14th August

Tektronix DSA602A Digitizing Signal Analyzer Part 1

I recently had the opportunity to purchase one of these units, and I am thoroughly enjoying the process of  checking its operation and getting to know how to use it.  This unit is a laboratory grade, very accurate digitizing oscilloscope from about 1990.  From the Tek Wiki entry:

3 amplifier bays, up to 12 channels (using 11A34 plug-ins)

8 bits; averaging of N acquisitions increases by log2(N) up to 14 bits

Display resolution
50 pixels/Div

Sample rate
DSA601, max 1 GS/s; DSA602, max 2 GS/s (one channel, left plugin)

Record length
512 to 32768 samples

Sweep rate
50 ps/Div  to 100 s/Div

7.2 bit up to 10 MHz, 6.3 bit @ 250 MHz, 5.7 bit @ 500 MHz, 4.5 bit @ 1 GHz

magnetic deflection color computer monitor, 10″ diagonal (130 mm × 168 mm), 552×704 pixels, 22×11 infrared touch-screen grid

90-132 V or 180-250 V, 48-72 Hz, 465 W (DSA601A) / 585 W (DSA602A)


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