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Vacuum Tube Tester: The Roetest

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17th March

I recently completed the construction of a PC controlled vacuum tester: The Roetest. This is a computer-controlled tube tester which works as follows:

Using the PC software, load the tube data from the extensive database

Verify the tube data and pinout on the screen; the tester configures the pin connections automatically

Run the tests for shorts and filament continuity

Run the required tests

Test the tube at full voltage and current (not a pulse test)

Save the result

Add the tube and test data to inventory

Roetest V10 Front Panel and case

Roetest V10 Main board and plug in boards

Roetest V10 Front Panel

Construction Details:

4600 Solder Joints

600+ Components

20 separate circuit boards

Mechanical work for socket boxes + drilling and tapping heatsink

150+ hours

Using the PC software, load the data for the TUT (Tube under Test). Pinout and base connection information is taken from an extensive database of over 22,000 tube types.

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