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NEST Thermostat Update

Posted on November 16th, by Shaun Merrigan in Tech. Comments Off on NEST Thermostat Update

NEST Thermostat Update

Winter is certainly here now, and the NEST thermostat has been performing well. I have had some issues with my ISP and DSL modem which have prevented the NEST thermostat from connecting to the web for 12 or more hours, but local control has been maintained throughout. This is a good sign, and indicative of well thought out design. I have a V1 Nest, which does not include humidity control. However, I think that my solution: a dedicated humidity controller with an external temperature sensor is probably superior anyway. In my cold climate, we absolutely need an air intake temperature sensor to regulate the humidity. Think about this at -25C….

My gut feeling is that my house is more evenly warm now that in was with the conventional programmable thermostat (Honeywell) that I had used for many years. The NEST seems to be more sensitive and responsive (particularly it knows when we are away) than the old “dumb” Honeywell thermostat.

I note with interest that my Gen1 NEST is on V 3.03 of the software now. Good to see that we are being upgraded. More to follow….

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