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YouTube Stops Working on older iPad

Posted on February 10th, by Shaun Merrigan in Tech, Troubleshooting. Comments Off on YouTube Stops Working on older iPad

I have an older iPad Mini2 (Model A1489) running iPadOS 12.5.7. For the past year or so the YouTube app has been constantly asking me to update as follows:

YouTube is out of date (popup):

  1. Update to continue
  2. Click to Update
  3. Cannot Update
  4. Cancel
  5. Continue using YouTube app

By cancelling, I have been able to continue running the YouTube app and ignore the update prompt. However, last week, I could not bypass the update prompt:

  1. Update to continue
  2. Click to update
  3. Cannot update, download older version?
  4. Cannot download older version
  5. No option to cancel, so GOTO 1

The update prompt stated that iOS 14 or newer was needed to install the new YouTube app, but since my older Mini2 is fixed on 12.5.7, I could never do the update. The YouTube app was stuck in the update loop, so I could not use it.

This iPad is behind a NAT router and behind a firewall, and never roams the internet unprotected, so I am not worried about its security. Also, I want to use the YouTube app, not the web interface via Safari.


  1. Delete the existing YouTube app from the iPad
  2. Restart the iPad
  3. Open the App Store
  4. Search for and attempt to install the YouTube app
  5. Option is given to “Download an older version”
  6. Select OK and install the older version
  7. Problem solved

Now I can use the YoutTube app again, and YouTube no longer bothers me about updates.

Shaun Merrigan

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